Boss Babe Start-Up: Tara DeMontier Hairstylist

It's always such a joy for me to work with another strong woman who is ready to take on the world and share her talents and do it on her own terms! It's even more fun when it's someone who you admire and trust with your own locks, like Tara DeMontier. 

Tara has been a hairstylist for over 7 years and took the plunge in January of 2018 to venture off on her own and be her own boss! (So proud!) She came to me to help her get her business and brand off on the right foot. And she definitely came to the right place! I gave her the Boss Babe Start-Up Special which included, a beautiful new website, a logo that perfectly represents her + her brand, and amazing branding photography done by the talented Jennifer Menery

This project was something I truly enjoyed working on and it's been awesome to see Tara's business and brand grow! Make sure you check her out for all of your hairstyling needs in Newburyport, MA!