Fueling A Mission: Fuel For Fire

Working with Fuel For Fire has been a dream come true! I was familiar with the brand since 2015 when I relocated back to MA from Colorado because my CrossFit gym carried the product. They had a great product that was delicious and affordable, but I also really loved the potential that I saw with their brand. They really care about whole food nutrition, the importance of an active lifestyle, and promoting wellness values. 


Working with Fuel For Fire, I have been able to help them shift their brand from being heavily focused in Crossfit, to appealing to a lifestyle of healthy living for the everyday active athlete. 

To do this, I came up with a strategy that included creating more photo and video content to broaden their brand appeal and distribute it on their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter). Over the course of 5 months, I was able to work with photographers & videographers to create content that would reflect the strategy and message that we wanted to portray across social channels. We created hundreds of photos, an animated video, and a brand video that have since been used on social channels, in email campaigns, and on their amazon.com store. 

With creating a content strategy, I worked with Fuel For Fire to build a brand ambassador program. This program was structured to help build content from individuals all across the country who represent the brand in different ways. I worked on seeking out individuals who I felt embodied the brand, and sifting through requests to be a brand ambassador. I am the point of contact between the ambassadors and Fuel For Fire. I also collect content from the brand ambassadors to push through the content plan. The goal is to maintain and track sales growth through organic postings because we are only compensating the ambassadors with product. My mission in building an ambassador team is to continue to cultivate community around a product and brand. 

To complete the content strategy, I also write + distribute blog posts that are relevant to the Fuel For Fire Brand and social media strategy. 

The work with Fuel For Fire is ever-evolving as the community grows and the products expand. But the core mission and values are still staying the same and the future of how their community grows is really limitless!


Robin Pinzone